Giotto bebe Crayon 12Color In Tube-472100


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Much more than a wax crayon, Giotto be-bè large crayons are unique because they are fun, safe and super washable. They don’t break when dropped, don’t dirty the hands, don’t stain clothes or surfaces and are dermatologically tested. Soft and easy to use, their extra-large shape makes them easy for little hands to grip. Designed and produced in Italy, they are also fun to play with thanks to their shape that always brings a smile. Specific for beginner artists, even under the age of three, the pack contains 10 happy colours, while the smart and portable pot includes two brand new colours: dark green and white. The special Giotto be-bè sharpener provided in the pack of 10 pcs makes them easy to sharpen and does not contain any removable parts.

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