Pebeo-XL Fine Oil Color 37ml-Cadmium Orange-937004

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Studio XL Oil uses

The Studio Fine XL Oil is smooth and supple and suitable for all techniques; from glazing to administering thick coats, it can be used together with mediums and auxiliaries. It is ideal for working on materials with, it dries quickly and overlay work can be undertaken after 3 days.

It is intended for application on canvas, cardboard and wood but is also suitable for producing large pieces on other platforms. Studio Fine XL Oil lends a range of colours and varied effects: traditional colours, light or pastel colours, bright modern colours, and not forgetting the ready-to-use transparent glazes and the popular iridescent colours.

Fine Studio XL Oil drying and setting

All the Studio XL colours are compatible with each other and offer an infinite number of creative possibilities. The products' fast drying properties make it possible to add subsequent coats after only four days, but it is advisable to leave the work to dry for 6 to 9 months before varnishing (so that the product can set and dry to its highest standard).

It is suggested that instruments and equipment are cleaned after use by using a solvent-based liquid such as turpentine, as this will keep them fresh for future use.

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