Pebeo-Acrylic Color Studio Phosphorescent Gel 100ml-Green

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Pebeo-Acrylic Color Studio Phosphorescent Gel 100ml-Green

ألوان أكريليك

The phosphorescent gel will absorb the natural or artificial light and reissue it in the obscurity. It is a transparent gel and should be applied thickly with a painting knife for good result.

  • Light colour: this luminous acrylic colour gel absorbs light and releases it in the dark. Imagine fantastic bright acrylic images and organize colourful night exhibitions.
  • Electric or natural light: this fluorescent colour gel absorbs both natural and artificial light and allows you to work day and night. The colour of the acrylic phosphorescent colour gels facilitates the distinction of colours except the undyed gel.
  • INTACT COLOURS: This slightly tinted, transparent, phosphorescent gel can be used alone on a collage or mixed with other colours that remain intact. No unpleasant surprises after drying.
  • Easy to use: apply this Pébéo acrylic light colour gel, preferably in thickness, directly with a colour gauge to the desired surface. Without prior preparation, you can work on the transparency, appearance and scope of your work.
  • The PÉBÉO KNOW-HOW: Pébéo has been a pioneer of acrylic in France since 1930 and is distinguished by its close collaboration with students, graphic artists, amateurs and professional painters in the world of creative leisure.

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