Pebeo-Extra Fine Professional Artist Acrylic 37ml-Gold/Green Dyna-908365

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  • Colours: Intense, strong covering power, richly pigmented, they can be mixed together and have a satin gloss finish and very good light fastness. There is a small variation in colour when wet and dry.
  • Thick consistency.
  • It is permanent after drying, and the film is strong and flexible to deformation.
  • Thinner: Water, but this results in a loss of consistency, or Bindex Gloss Artist Acrylics.
  • Cleaning the tools: With water before drying.
  • Drying: Away from dust, dry to the touch in 30 minutes to 1 hour and completely dry in 1-8 days depending on the thickness


The Artist Acrylics Extra Fine has great performance characteristics and enables a multitude of applications and techniques: working with a brush, knife, collages... to create reliefs and impasto.

They are easy to use, and are also used with various auxiliaries that broaden the range of creative possibilities by varying the texture and brightness of colours, such as:

  • Gels that act on the thickness and hues of the painting.
  • Mediums that enhance the brightness and depth of colours, or attenuate their density.
  • Mortars that lend metallic, transparent and granular effects that react with the reflections of the light.

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