Das Air Dry Color Modelling Clay 150g Blue-387403

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Soft, ready-to-use modelling material. Comes in 12 colours which remain bright and vivid even once the dough is dry. The material does not need to be fired, as it hardens when exposed to air. It is easy to shape and ideal even for very young children. It does not leave stains and washes off hands with water. It also machine-washes off from most clothes at 40°C. Material is mineral-based and gluten-free. Comes in a number of colours, including gold and silver, which can be mixed together to create a wide range of different shades. Comes in 150 g packs, which can be hung up and are resealable, meaning that the product maintains its freshness for a long time after it has been opened.

Shape changes colour. The world is bursting with shape and colour thanks to Das Color! Extremely versatile and ideal for school and hobbies, it can be used to create small, solid, durable objects. Versatile and ready to use, it is available in 8 colours, all perfectly mixable and supplied in a special resealable package. Like the original, it is air-drying. With excellent plasticity and pliability it is suitable for all modelling techniques. Perfect for all ages, even very small children. It does not contain gluten. It air-dries without firing: as it is already coloured, once dry the creations do not require decoration. The colours stay bright and vivid even after drying.

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