Giotto Pongo Soft Modelling Clay 250g Green-514604


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Coloured plasticine containing wax and minerals. The product has featured in children's manual activities since 1950. Its ingredients ensure optimal plasticity and versatility. Available in 12 colours which can be mixed together. Does not dry out when exposed to air and can be reused again and again. Pongo is the plasticine designed for use in children's creative activities, as well as being a key tool for craft enthusiasts and a staple for all artistic pursuits.

Ideas from Pongo. Give shape and colour to your ideas! With Pongo, your thoughts come to life. You can model and create anything you can think of. This legendary plasticine has been a favourite with children and adults since 1950. It is malleable, soft, never dries out, and gluten-free so it can also be used by coeliac sufferers. Available in different colours for artists who are full of ideas.

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