Pebeo Bio Based Crystal Resin 300ml-766142

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Pebeo Bio Based Crystal Resin 300ml-766142


  • Two component epoxy resin system: 50%** bio-based resin and hardener (**biobased carbon represents on average 50% of the total carbon present in the resin)
  • Transparent, glossy and solid
  • Mixing: 1 part Crystal B hardener to 2 parts Cristal A resin
  • Casting thickness: up to 2 cm thick, it is not recommended for casting large pieces
  • Setting time: Dry: 12h / Fully set: 24h
  • Cleaning tools before beginning: With a dry cloth (brushes, spalters and spatulas) and 70% alcohol (commercially available) or alcohol gel.
  • Storage: In their original packaging, fully sealed, and stored at between 15° C and 25° C. Keep away from freezing temperatures. 6 months in the sealed bottle after opening.


Transparent, glossy and solid, Crystal resin is ideal for casting in moulds or on rimmed supports (jewellery, frames), inclusions and even as a protective varnish.

You can add dried plants to the casts.

Once cured, the resin will not withstand prolonged contact at temperatures above 50°C or below 0°C.

Media: Multi-surfaces: Metal, painted wood, canvas, silicone, plastic ...

How to use:

1. In a clean, dry container first pour 1 part Crystal B hardener then 2 parts Crystal A resin.

2. Mix the two components all the way to the corners of the container (insufficient mixing will not guarantee a proper curing, and over-mixing will cause bubbling). Transfer the mixture to a second container and mix again to ensure the consistency of the resin and optimum mixing. Mixing can take up to 5 minutes depending on the amount prepared.

3. Let the mixture sit in the container for 5 minutes to remove any bubbles.

4. Pour into or onto your medium of choice. Do not keep the mixture in the mixing container for more than 45 minutes after mixing

5. Allow to dry 24 hours in a dust-free area. Setting is gradual and may vary depending on the ambient temperature.

Gédéo tips:

In case of moulding:

  • To know the amount of each component and not waste the product, fill the mould you want to use with water and pour into a measuring container. Note down the volume.
  • One third of the volume will be hardener and the remaining two thirds will be the resin. Dry the mould and the measuring container thoroughly before adding the resin.
  • The mixture is consistent as it turns transparent.
  • The surface of the resin takes on the appearance of the mould in which it is cast. A matte mould will give a matte finish, and a glossy mould a glossy finish.
  • To add a glossy appearance to a matte finish, use Gédéo GLOSS+ varnish or Gédéo Bio-based Crystal Resin in a thin layer.
  • To shape your creation, you can remove the mould after 12 hours of drying and, for example, put your moulding around abottle to give it a curved shape. It will be completely hardened after 24 hours.

We advise you to protect your works by applying layer of Bindex gloss 24 hours before casting Crystal Bio-based Resin.


  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin, wear gloves.
  • Do not mix the components of Bio Crystal Resin with other components of the Gédéo resins range.
  • Gédéo resins are not intended to come into contact with food.
  • Make sure your mould is clean and entirely free of oils before casting (if necessary, wipe over with a cloth soaked in alcohol)
  • Resin creations, even when dry, cannot withstand contact with water

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