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Cutter Utility Knife Metal 30° TipCutter Utility Knife Metal 30° Tip
Dhs. 3.50
Cutter Mettal-2034
In stock
Cutter Utility Knife Portable MiniCutter Utility Knife Portable Mini
Colorful Paper Clip 29mm-0024Colorful Paper Clip 29mm-0024
Scissors Funny 14690716Scissors Funny 14690716
Dhs. 7.35
Scissors Funny 14690716
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Staples No 24/6 0012Staples No 24/6 0012
Dhs. 1.50
Staples No 24/6 0012
In stock
Sax 700 Staple RemoverSax 700 Staple Remover
Dhs. 3.75
Sax 700 Staple Remover
In stock
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Sax 233 Paper Clips 30mm
Cutter Small SK5-2066 ( 4 Pieces )
Black Binder Clip 19mm 40PcsBlack Binder Clip 19mm 40Pcs
2 Hole Punch-0103-Black2 Hole Punch-0103-Black
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Pen Holder Metal Mesh Round-9172Pen Holder Metal Mesh Round-9172
Metal Binder Clip 19mm 6PcsMetal Binder Clip 19mm 6Pcs
Sax 266 Staples 26/6
Dhs. 1.75
Sax-Staples Pin 26/6
In stock
Binder Clip 51Mm 12PcsBinder Clip 51Mm 12Pcs
Dhs. 13
Binder Clip 51Mm 12Pcs
Sold out
Stamp Pad Plastic Blue-9864-BU
Stapler With Pin 24/6 In Blitzer 0353
Pen Holder Metal Mesh Square-908Pen Holder Metal Mesh Square-908
Pen Holder-9155Pen Holder-9155
Dhs. 9
Pen Holder-9155
In stock
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Binder Clip 32Mm 24PcsBinder Clip 32Mm 24Pcs
Dhs. 11
Binder Clip 32Mm 24Pcs
Sold out
Office Desk Set 9 Pieces-6001Office Desk Set 9 Pieces-6001
Desk Organizer Metal Mesh-8903
Staple Remover 0231Staple Remover 0231
Dhs. 3
Staple Remover 0231
In stock
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Sax 246 Staples 24/6
Dhs. 2
Sax-Staples Pin 24/6
In stock

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