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Cutter Utility Knife Metal 30° TipCutter Utility Knife Metal 30° Tip
Dhs. 3.50
Cutter Mettal-2034
In stock
Cutter Utility Knife Portable MiniCutter Utility Knife Portable Mini
Colorful Paper Clip 29mm-0024Colorful Paper Clip 29mm-0024
Staples No 24/6 0012Staples No 24/6 0012
Dhs. 1.50
Staples No 24/6 0012
In stock
Sax 233 Paper Clips 30mm
Sax 700 Staple RemoverSax 700 Staple Remover
Dhs. 3.75
Sax 700 Staple Remover
In stock
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Cutter Small SK5-2066 ( 4 Pieces )
Pen Holder Metal Mesh Round-9172Pen Holder Metal Mesh Round-9172
2 Hole Punch-0103-Black2 Hole Punch-0103-Black
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Metal Binder Clip 19mm 6PcsMetal Binder Clip 19mm 6Pcs
Pen Holder-9155Pen Holder-9155
Dhs. 9
Pen Holder-9155
In stock
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File Fastener 80mm Plastic 50 Pieces Pack-5548File Fastener 80mm Plastic
Pen Holder Metal Mesh Square-908Pen Holder Metal Mesh Square-908
Stapler With Pin 24/6 In Blitzer 0353
Staple Remover 0231Staple Remover 0231
Dhs. 3
Staple Remover 0231
In stock
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Clip Holder Magnet
Black Binder Clip 25mm 48PcsBlack Binder Clip 25mm 48Pcs
Cutter Utility Knife Blade Sk5 SmallCutter Utility Knife Blade Sk5 Small
File Fastener 80mm MetalFile Fastener 80mm Metal
Desk Pen Blue Ink-6797Desk Pen Blue Ink-6797
Bill Holder (Table Spike)Bill Holder (Table Spike)
Binder Clip 41Mm 24Pcs Astd ClrBinder Clip 41Mm 24Pcs Astd Clr
Stapler With Pin 26/6 In Blitzer 0352Stapler With Pin 26/6 In Blitzer 0352

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