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Pebeo Glazing Resin 300ml-766171


A two-component epoxy resin system: resin and hardener. Transparent and solid, the Glazing Resin adds dimension and gloss to flat surfaces The rounded edges controlled by the product are the great advantage of this Pébéo innovation. For professional artists.

  • Transparent resin
  • Proportion easily
  • Very strong
  • Can be used as a varnish

Use: ideal for lending relief and gloss to flat surfaces: scrapbooking, photos, card making, souvenirs, box lids, badges, refurbishment of objects, magnifying glass effect on canvas, enamel effect.

Be careful that plant or food products or insects do not enter the product... Flat surfaces: pour resin to mould on postcards, paper, glass, pottery, metal, silicone, painted wood, plastic, non-porous paper.

Drying time: dry to the touch after 6 hours and completely dry after 12 hours Caring (decorated surfaces): Clean lightly with a damp cloth.

Conservation: 6 months in tightly closed jar after opening

The ideal temperature for conservation: For the resin– hardener components: the suggested way to conserve is to store the resin and hardener in its original packaging, closed tightly at a temperature between 15°C and 25°C/59°F and 77°F. Protect from freezing.

Once it has cured, the resin will not be able to withstand temperatures above 50°C/122°F. Cleaning: Liquid containing at least 70% alcohol (commercially available) or alcohol gel


1. 1.Make sure the work surface is level

2. In a dry and clean recipient begin by pouring 1 part of hardener B followed by 2 parts Glazing Resin A

3. Mix well the two components all the way to the corners of the recipient (an incomplete mixing does not guarantee hardening, mixing too strongly can create the appearance of bubbles). Transfer the mixture into a second recipient and mix again to ensure homogeneity of the resin and optimum hardening.

4. Pour into the surface of your choice

5. Allow to dry for 12 hours away from dust. The hardening is progressive and varies with the room temperature

Pour Glazing Resin on printed pictures: The printed pictures contain different types of colors of unparalleled stability in contact with epoxy resin. It is suggested to add a layer of Artist Acrylic Gloss Bindex 24 hours before pouring the resin on the picture. The Glazing Resins are ideal for Pébéo's Mixed Media techniques

Glazing resin casting on printed photos: printed photographs contain various types of dyes with uneven stability when in contact with epoxy resins.

We advise you to protect it by applying a layer of Bindex gloss 24 hours prior to pouring the resin onto the photo.

This recommendation is also valid when using Glazing resin in Pébéo Mixed Media techniques.

Gédéo Tips:

  • Protect your working surface with a plastic sheet.
  • The mixture is homogeneous when it becomestransparent
  • To know the amount of Glazing Resin to use on yoursurface:

1. Measure the height and width in centimeters

2. Multiply the two values

3. Multiply the results by 0.2

4. The results will determine the amount of milliliters of resin toprepare


If needed, help the product go to the edges with a spatula


  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes, wear gloves.
  • Do not mix the components of the Gédéo Glazing Resin with the other components of the Gédéo range. (Crystal Resine, Colour Resine, Pearl Resine)
  • Do not exceed 150 ml of Glazing Resin preparation permix
  • Gédéo Glazing Resin applications are sensitive to low temperatures and humidity.
  • Gédéo Resins are not approved for foodcontact.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Resin Glaze be used on wood?

Possibly, depending on the type of wood. Though there is nothing to worry about with pine, take precautions with fatty woods (oak, chestnut) and acidic woods → carry out preliminary tests.

What should I do to "repair" a botched tray base?

Pour a new layer of well-mixed resin

Expiration date?

5 years in the closed original packaging and 6 months after opening.

Resin Glaze does not harden on a painted tray base

Mixing was not done properly; refer to the recommendations of the Product Sheet.

How will Resin Glaze hold outdoors?

The product will slightly yellow and lose its shine

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