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Finger paints, which are particularly dense, rich and soft. The paints, which are pleasant to the touch, are ideal for children who are making their first foray into painting, helping to develop their creativity as well as their manual skills. They are dermatologically tested and wash off hands with water. Paint stains on fabrics need to be pre-treated when they are still fresh by hand-washing them with soap. They then need to be put immediately into a washing machine at 40°. The special top-down bottle with dispenser cap helps your paint to keep for longer, and the soft, 'squeezable' plastic means that it is easy to pour out, even when there are just a few drops left. The paints come in 9 colours which can be mixed together to create a wide range of shades.

Paints that leave their mark. It's easy to get colourful with Giotto Finger Paints! Unleashing your creative talent becomes a sensory experience that produces unique, highly imaginative artwork. Soft and pleasant to the touch, Giotto Finger Paints are ideal for preschoolers and can be used with hands or brushes. Dermatologically tested, the paints can easily be rinsed off with water. Available in six bright colours in 100 or 200 ml packs. For classroom use, we have designed the special easy-squeeze top-down bottle with drip-stop cap. Available in 10 rich, well-textured colours.

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