Giotto Acrylic Paint 500ml Brown-533728


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Ready-to-use acrylic paint, specifically designed for use in schools. Contains a special resin which means the paint goes on well and is easy to use on a wide range of surfaces, such as glass, plastic, wood, etc. Completely safe. Once dried, the paint helps to give the treated surface a shiny, varnished effect. Washes off hands with soap and water. The bottles are fitted with dispenser caps and have an ergonomic grip. Available in 8 standard colours, plus gold and silver. Paints can be mixed together to create a wide range of shades.

Freedom to paint, however, wherever and whenever you like: Giotto Acrylic paints are safe and can be used on any medium! Ready-to-use acrylic-based paints with rich pigments designed especially for children, making them completely safe and ideal for any application. Formulated with a special resin that's easy to apply on various media including glass, plastic and wood. When dry, it bestows a glossy varnish effect on painted surfaces.

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