Giotto Bebe Super Crayons Maxi 10color-466800


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Unbreakable super large wax pastels, ideal for very young children. Safe, superwashable, ultra break-resistant and dermatologically tested. Specifically designed for children under the age of three who are already making their first foray into art. Total safety guaranteed due to careful selection of the product components and meticulous quality controls carried out at each stage of the production process. Sharpener included.

Give your ideas some colour. 10 Giotto be-bè wax crayons plus a crayon sharpener to keep the tips looking like new. The crayons are soft and easy to use, and the extra-large shape makes it easier for tiny tots to grip them. The colours are washable and dermatologically tested, while the crayon sharpener has no removable parts.

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