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In the art of marbling, patterns made with special brushes and paints on water condensed with a special substance are transferred to various surfaces such as paper. Creating a work of art depends on the existence of three things: experience, passion, quality material.

If you do not have the necessary experience and skills, do not worry. If the marbling set you choose bears the Artebella signature, you can easily enter this colorful world. Easy marbling sets make pleasant work possible without the need for experience and superior skills.

Artebella Easy Marbling Sets consist of marbling paints, brushes, marbling boat, ready-made gel, marbling paper, us and a dropper. The sets vary in terms of the amount of material they contain, the size of the marbling boat, the size and amount of marbling paper.

Marbling paints, which do not pose any health risks, offer a versatile use. With these paints, ceramics, wood, fabric and paper can be drawn.

Set Includes :

 4 Colors 40 cc Easy Marbling Paint (Glass Jar)
✓ 4 Pieces Horsehair Brush
✓ 1 Piece 24×33 cm Plastic Marbling Tray
✓ 1 Piece 1.25 Liter Ready Gel
✓ 30 Pieces 21×30 cm Paper
✓ 1 Piece We
✓ 1 Piece Dropper

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