Pebeo Acrylic Marker 4mm Chisel tip Precious Black-201655

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The 4 mm chisel tip Acrylic marker is the perfect tool for calligraphy lovers. For decorating or drawing on most surfaces. Its angular tip lets you create small solid areas and different sized lines.

QUALITY: markers containing an acrylic water and pigment-based paint. Its suitable for most surfaces.

They have a pump mechanism that allows more or less paint to pass through the nib, therefore allowing precise dosage when applying paint to the surface.

A replacement tip has been placed in the cap to optimize the use of each Acrylic Marker (except for the 5-15mm range). If the tip initially installed in the tip holder becomes damaged or unusable, you can replace it

BASE: water AIR DRYING (2): 10 to 30 minutes to the touch. Fully dry from 6-12 hours. CLEANING: with soapy water before fully drying SURFACES: paper, cardboard, papier-mâché, wood, metal, terracotta, plastic, canvas, etc. FINISH: satin opaque, fluorescent and precious. CARE (decorated objects): with a dry cloth. Do not get wet. STORAGE: Horizontally once initiated, with the lid properly repositioned and clipped.

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