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QUALITY: opaque and extremely glossy (lacquered), solvent-based colours, that are ideal for decorating ceramics. They can also be used on clay and wood (having first applied a layer of “undercoat sealers”) and even on canvas.

Very good lightfastness.

Colors which can be mixed together.

DRYING: 2 hours on the surface, completely dry in 10 hours. The drying time can vary depending on: the thickness of the deposited layer, the temperature and humidity of the room where the product is applied.

SURFACES: clay, ceramics, earthenware, wood, canvas, metal, etc.

DILUTION: odorless mineral spirit or white spirit.

CARING (decorated surfaces): after drying, the colors tolerate gentle washing by hand, without soaking. Resistant to glass cleaner. Objects decorated with Ceramic colors cannot be regarded as utilitarian objects, but only decorative objects, and only surfaces not intended to be in contact with food can be decorated.

PAINT BRUSHES: Cobra Deco brushes or Pébéo Iris.

CLEANING THE BRUSHES: odorless mineral spirit or white spirit and then rinse with soapy water.


PACKAGING: - 45-ml bottle - all colors.

Surface covered: 45 ml ~ 0.5 m²


Ceramic colors are ideal for clay and earthenware and can be used for a lacquer finish on: plastic, wood, metal, glass, frame, etc. To optimize the brightness on porous surfaces, a sealer undercoat application is recommended before adding colors. On rounded surfaces, be careful not to overload your brush to prevent drips. Ceramic colors are worked with a brush, sponge, stencil, vat technique, etc. The Ceramic colors are ideal for PEBEO's mixed techniques.

Before using the Gédéo Gazing Resin, it is recommended to apply a coat of Bindex (8 hours drying on completely dry Ceramic colors (72 hours minimum). Applied thickly, they can be combined with other materials such as sand or even engraved with a stick. Ceramic colors can be used in combination with Fantasy Moon colors to create mottling effects.

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