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Voyagers 2071 game takes place in the future, as you guessed it, in 2071. In this year, the United Arab Emirates celebrates its 100th year since its independence. In this century, the ambitious country built a firm foundation to withstand all the future generations, those who kept adding blocks, to achieve remarkable success around the world and beyond. In the year 2071, the Emirates have accomplished a vision of the wise leadership, to be a leading country in seven vital government sectors. The UAE is now the NO.1 in HEALTH, WATER, EDUCATION, SPACE, TECHNOLOGY, RENEWABLE ENERGY, TRANSPORTATION.


Voyagers 71 game is a multiplayer game from two to five players, where each player has to complete four sets from seven different sectors to win. Players will have an income from a starting card if they fulfill the card requirements. Players will also be able to buy the cards they need from the resources to boost their economy or complete 

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